Salmon Sashimi w. Mango and Avocado – Lax Sashimi med Mango och Avokado


Recipe / Recept

Fresh Salmon (That’s been in the freezer for at least 10 hours) / Salma Lax

Mango / Mango

Avocado / Avokado

Sesame Seeds / Sesamfrön

Menthe Leaves / Mynta 

1. Slice the salmon thinly. / Skiva laxen tunt.

2. Cut the mango in small cubes. / Skär mangon i små kuber.

3. Slice the avocado. / Skiva avokadon.

4. Sprinkle over sesame seeds and mint leaves. / Strö över sesamfrön och mynta.

5. Sprinkle over some salt. / Strö över lite salt.

6. Done! / Klart!


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