Gingersnaps with Blue Cheese – Pepparkakor med “Blue Cheese”


In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. That means that today is the day before Christmas…. Here comes a little suggestion for a fun gingersnap cookie appetizer. This goes best with the type of Swedish Gingersnaps that you can buy in the store. They’re called “Annas” and is thinner and not as spicy as traditional gingersnaps. Now matter which cookies you choose, put a little bit of blue cheese on, a small walnut, and a red currant berry on. This is delicious and fun, and a flavor combination that never goes wrong!

Recipe / Recept

Gingersnaps / Pepparkakor

Blue Cheese / Grönmögelost 

Walnuts / Valnötter

Red Currants / Röda Vinbär 

1. Start with putting a little blue cheese on the cookie. / Börja med att lägga lite ost på varje pepparkaka.

2. Crack the walnuts in small pieces, top every cookie with a little walnut piece and a berry. / Dela valnötterna i små bitar. Toppa varje pepparkaka med en liten valnötsbit och ett bär.

3. Done! / Klart!


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