Inspriring Colorful Salad with Chèvre and Grilled Chicken – Inspirerande Färgfylld Sallad med Chèvre och Grillad Kyckling


The presentation of food seems almost as important as the taste of the food to most foodbloggers. One thing that I didn’t think of before starting to blog was how much greater every meal naturally tastes just by setting the table nicely and plating the food even more beautifully. This salad is just that – filled with color and season fresh vegetables, which makes it both beautiful and delicious. It includes beets in different shapes and colors, as well as blueberries. To complete this dinner, the salad was served with oven baked chevre, butter roasted bread and some fresh grilled eco-chicken.

Recipe / Recept

Ruccola / Ruccola

Beets / Rödbetor

Pea pods / Ärtskidor

Blueberries / Blåbär

Avocado / Avokado

Chèvre cheese / Chèvre ost

2 slices of bread / 2 brödskivor

Chicken (optional) / Kyckling (valfritt)

1. Start by boiling the beets. / Börja med att koka rödbetorna.

2. Slice the vegetables and plate the salad nicely. / Skiva grönsakerna och lägg upp salladen fint.

3. Heat the oven to 440 F. / Sätt ugnen på 225 grader.

4. Cook the chicken. I just salted it and cooked it on the grill for about 7 min on each side. / Tillaga kycklingen. Jag bara saltade och pepprade och grillade ca 7 min på varje sida.

5. Peel and slice the beets. / Skala och skiva rödbetorna.

6. Cut out the bread. / Skär ut rundlar av brödet.

7. Put the cheese in the oven, let bake for about 9 min. / Lägg in osten i ugnen, låt tillagas i ca 9 min.

8. In a pan, melt butter and roast the bread for about 2 min on each side. / i en stekpanna, smält smöret och rosta brödet ca 2 min på varje sida.

9. Done! / Klart!



A whole Grilled CornCob – En hel Grillad Majskolv


For those of you who has been with me for a while know that I love corn (and maybe more so, corncobs). In the summer, I believe it’s one of the best things to put on the grill. But maybe you guys, just like me, has had the issue of the corncob cooking unevenly. Since it’s not as thick all through it can be hard to grill it in a good way. So what to do? Well, don’t be frightened by the pictures – it’s not burnt. But put it on the grill with it’s peel on! Cook until the first layer is black and then flip it, 3 times in total, you’ll have perfectly flavored, perfectly grilled corncobs! Tadaaa.

Recipe / Recept

Just corncobs / Bara majskolvar

1. Heat the grill. / Sätt på grillen.
2. Put the corncobs on. / Lägg på majkolvarna.
3. Grill for about 5 min on each side (4 sides) or until black. / Grilla i ca 5 min på varje sida (4 sidor) eller tills svart.
4. Let cool a little. / Låt svalna lite.
5. Peel. / Skala.
6. Done! / Klart!




Absolute Best Chocolate Mousse – Absolut Bästa Choklad Moussen


Here comes a recipe on the absolute best chocolate mousse. It’s not healthy or light, it’s rich, thick and chocolaty! A chocolate lovers dream and a decadent dessert for any dinner.

Recipe / Recept

1.5 cups of heavy cream / 4 dl vispgrädde

4 egg yolks / 4 äggulor

1.5 dark 70% chocolate bars / 1.5 70% chokladkaka

2 tbsp of butter / 2 msk smör

2 tbsp of cocoa powder / 2 msk kakao

2 tbsp of sugar / 2 msk socker

1. Whisk the cream. / Vispa grädden.

2. Melt the chocolate together with the butter. / Smält chokladen tillsammans med smöret.

3. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. / Separera gulorna från vitorna.

4. Stir in the sugar and cocoa powder to the chocolate mix. / Rör i socker och kakao i den smälta chokladen.

5. Stir in the egg yolks in the chocolate mixture. / Rör i ägg-gulorna i choklad blandningen.

6. Fold the chocolate mixture into the cream. / Vik in chokladblandningen i grädden.

7. Pour in to glasses or molds and put in the fridge for about 4 hours before serving. / Häll upp i glas och kyl i ca 4 timmar innan servering.

8. Done! / Klart!


Nectarine Salsa – Nektarinsalsa


What’s better to a night of grilling than a delicious salsa? It’s fresh, sweet and salty at the same time, and contrasts whatever being grilled. This salsa is based on nectarines, which gives it a tangy taste. It’s fast and easy to make, but could also be kept in a jar for a couple of days in order to just let the flavors marry together. Whatever you decide to do, this is a “must-have” on the dinner table!


Recipe / Recept

2 nectarines / 2 nektariner

2 small tomatoes / 2 små tomater

1 small cucumber / 1 liten gurka

2 spring onions / 2 salladslökar 

Olive oil / Olivolja 

Salt / Salt

1. Chop all the fruits and vegetables. / Hacka alla frukter och grönsaker.

2. Sprinkle over olive oil and salt. / Strö över olivolja och salt.

3. Done! / Klart!


Homemade Pink Peach Lemonade – Rosa Persiko Lemonad


The weather in Sweden is for once just as you like it during summer. It’s really summer. Yesterday night we had dinner by the ocean in T-shirts until 10 pm, that rarely happens. The days are beautiful and warm with no wind and clear skies… Yesterday I made my one peach lemonade, and it was SO delicious. I wanna try making it with other fruits, but maybe that’s a task for you? 🙂 Use whatever fruits you have at home, and serve this delicious drink in the summer heat. Not to mention, it’s pretty too…


Recipe / Recept

6 cups of water / 1.5 liter vatten

3 peaches / 3 persikor

1.2 cups of sugar / 3 dl socker

4 lemons / 4 citroner

1. Cut the peaches in pieces. / Skär persikorna i bitar.

2. In a big pot, add peaches, water and sugar. / I en stor kastrull, lägg i persikor, vatten och socker.

3. Squeeze in lemon juice. / Pressa i citronsaft.

4. Bring to boil. / Koka upp.

5. Put on a lid and let simmer for 10 min. / Sätt på ett lock och låt puttra i 10 min.

6. Strain the lemonade. / Sila bort persikorna.

7. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

8. Serve with lots of ice! / Servera med massa is!


Blue Syrup Cookies – Blåa Kolakakor


Last year around this time I posted a recipe of syrup cookies. They were much appreciated, and since the cookie is so easy to make, I decided to experiment slightly. Blueberry season is coming right up, so what would be better than adding in delicious blueberries into these cookies? Said and done, the result was great!


Recept / Recipe 

100 g smör / 3.5 ounces of butter

1 dl socker / 0.4 cups of sugar

1 msk ljus sirap / 1 tbsp of light baking syrup

1/2 msk vaniljsocker / 1/2 tbsp of vanilla sugar

1 tsk bakpulver / 1 tsp of baking powder

2.5 dl mjöl / 1 cup of flour

1 dl frysta blåbär / 0.4 cups frozen blueberries

1. Sätt ugnen på 175 grader. / Pre heat the oven to 340 F.

2. Rör ihop alla ingredienser och baka ut i två längder på en plåt. / Mix all the ingredients and make two dough lengths on a baking thin.

3. Grädda i ca 16 min. / Bake for about 16 min.

4. Skär längderna i snittarna diagonalt när längderna fortfarande är varma. / Cut the cookies on the diagonal when they’re still warm.

5. Låt svalna. / Let cool.

6. Klart! / Done!


Raw Spiced Filet Mignon w. Zucchini, Beets and Pesto / Gravad Oxfilé med Zucchini, Rödbeta och Pesto


This is an amazing recipe that my Mom got from her friend. It’s a delicious meat, flavorful & tender. The tenderloin is Raw Spiced 4 days in advanced, which makes the meat induced with the delicious marinade. It might seem like a long time to marinate the meat for 4 full days, but I promise you, it’ll be worth it in the end. The zucchini and beets are turned with a mustard dressing, and is perfect in combination. A clean, flavorful dish that is impossible not to like.

Recipe / Recept

1 piece of tenderloin or filet mignon preferably the middle part / 1 bit oxfilé, gärna mittbiten

5-6 cloves of garlic / 5-6 vitlöksklyftor

0.4 cups of apple cider vinegar / 1 dl äppelcidervinäger

3 tbsp of lemon juice / 3 msk citronsaft

1/2 chili, no seeds / 1/2 chili, utan frön 

0.2 cups of Japanese soy / 0.5 dl japansk soya

For the zucchini and beets / För zucchinin och rödbetorna 

1 small zucchini / 1 liten zucchini 

1 beet / 1 rödbeta 

2 tbsp of olive oil / 2 msk olivolja

1 tbsp of mustard / 1 msk grovkornig senap 

1 crushed clove of garlic / 1 pressad vitlöksklyfta 

1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. / Blanda alla ingredienser till marinaden.

2. Put the meat with the marinade in a plastic bag. / Lägg köttet i en påse tillsammans med marinaden.

3. Keep in the fridge for 4 days. / Förvara i kylen i 4 dagar.

4. Grate the zucchini. / Riv zucchinin.

5. Boil in water for 45 sec. / Koka i 45 sekunder.

6. Strain and let cool slightly. / Häll av vattnet och låt svalna något.

7. Grate the beet and carefully mix in with the zucchini. / Riv rödbetan och blanda försiktigt med zucchinin.

8. Mix the dressing. / Blanda dressingen.

9. Turn the vegetables in the dressing. / Blanda grönsakerna med dressingen.

10. Cut the filet in slices. / Skär oxfilén i skivor.

11. Quickly cook in a pan on both sides. / Stek lätt på båda sidorna.

12. Serve with pesto and vegetables. / Servera med pesto och grönsaker.

13. Done! / Klart!


Giant Swedish Cinnamon Buns / Superstora (och supergoda) Kanelbullar


If you haven’t tried Swedish cinnamon buns yet, you have too! This is the third twist on this delicious pastry I’m posting on the blog. The secret to a perfect cinnamon bun is to not add too much flour, and to roll out the dough super thinly. This creates more layers in the bun, and therefore allows for the filling to be spread out further. The buns are perfectly fine to put in the freezer, and then microwave for the right occasion. They’re perfect to a cup of coffee or just a traditional glass of milk!

Recipe / Recept 

20 g of instant yeast / 50 g jäst

2 cups of whole milk / 5 dl röd mjölk

0.4 cups of sugar / 1 dl socker

 3.5 ounces of butter / 100 g smör

 1/2 of teaspoon salt / 1/2 tsk salt

2 teaspoons of cardamom  / 2 tsk kardemumma

about 4-5 cups of flour / 10-12 dl vetemjöl

Filling / Fyllning

Butter / Smör

Cinnamon / Kanel

Cardamom / Kardemumma

Sugar / Socker 

1 egg / 1 ägg

1. Heat the milk until body temperature. / Värm mjölken till rumstemperatur.

2. Pour the milk over the yeast and resolve. / Häll mjölken över smulad jäst och låt lösas upp.

3. Add sugar, butter, salt and cardamom. / Tillsätt socker, smör, salt och kardemumma.

4. Add the flour, bit by bit. / Tillsätt mjölet, lite i taget, du kan använda degkrokarna på vispen.

5. When the dough just releases from the edges, stop adding flour. / När degen precis lossnar från kanterna räcker det med mjöl.

6. Let rise for 30 min under a kitchen towel. / Låt jäsa i 30 min under en kökshandduk.

7. Roll the dough out thinly, 1/3 at a time. / Kavla ut degen tunt, 1/3 i taget.

8. Spread the dough with butter, sugar, cinnamon and cardamom. / Bred på smör, kanel, kardemumma och socker.

9. Roll the dough on the long side, make sure it’s tight. / Rulla degen på den långa sidan, se till att den är tight.

10. Cut the dough from the top, like you can see here, but instead of doing it 3 times, do a fourth cut and fold over. / Klipp degen från ovansidan i en fläta, som du kan se här, men klipp en fjärde gång och vik över.

11. Place them straight on a baking sheet with a non stick paper, they’re too big for the molds. / Lägg bullarna direkt på en plåt med bakplåtspapper, dom är för stora för bullformarna.

12. Let rise for 30 min. / Låt jäsa i 30 min.

13. Heat the oven to 480 F. / Sätt ugnen på 250 grader.

14. Brush the buns with a whipped egg, sprinkle over pearl sugar. / Pensla bullarna med ett ägg och strö över pärlsocker.

15. Bake in the oven for about 8 min, or until golden. / Grädda i ca 8 min, eller tills gyllene på toppen.

16. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

17. Done! / Klart!


Sun Dried Tomato Pesto / Pesto med Soltorkade Tomater


Just a while back, I posted my classic pesto recipe. During these hot summer days, our herb garden is just blooming, and I try to use as much as I can of our herbs when cooking. The other day I decided to make another twist on Pesto. A pesto with sun dried tomatoes. It’s the classic red pesto you can buy in the store, but once again, it tastes so much better if you make it yourself. This pesto has a lot of flavor and is quite strong. If you want a milder pesto, remove one of the garlic cloves! Enjoy.

Recipe / Recept

2 small pots of fresh basil / 2 krukor basilika

2 small pots of parsley / 2 krukor persilja 

2 cloves of garlic / 3 vitlöksklyftor

5 sun dried tomatoes / 5 soltorkade tomater

about 0.4 cups of roasted pine nuts / ca 1 dl rostade pinjenötter

about 0.5 cups of parmesan cheese / ca 1.2 dl parmesanost 

Olive oil / olivolja 

1. Start by roasting the pine nuts. Heat a pan and put the nuts in the pan. Stir until golden. / Börja med att rosta pinjenötterna. Hetta upp en panna och lägg i nötterna. Rör om till och med att nötterna blivit gyllene.

2. Cut off all the fresh leaves of herbs from the plants. / Klipp av all färska kryddblad från plantorna.

3. Peel the garlic. Less garlic makes it milder. / Skala vitlöken. Mindre vitlök ger en mildare pesto.

4. Put the herbs, garlic, nuts and cheese in a food processer. / Lägg kryddorna, nötterna, vitlöken och osten i en mixer.

5. Pour in a little olive oil at first, about 2 tbsp. / Häll i lite olja först, ca 2 msk.

6. Start mixing. / Börja mixa.

7. Pour in more olive oil as you go, until you reach your desired texture. / Häll i mer olivolja eftersom, tills du når den konsistens du vill ha.

8. Done! / Klart!


Elderflower Extract / Fläderblomssaft


Elderflower is a classic Swedish Summer taste. It’s so delicious and fresh, but hard to explain in terms of taste. It is original and it’s own, but hard not to like. When making elderflower extract (that you drink mixed with water) you pick the flowers of an elderflower tree. The flowers are then combined with lemons, lemon acid and sugar. After some stirring for 4 days, you strain the mixture and the extract is done. It’s easy, even though it takes a little longer to actually make it than something else. Our summer house is called “Talludden” and therefore, that’s what we named the extract too.

Recipe / Recept 

about 25-35 elderflowers / ca 25-35 fläderklasar 

5 lemons / 5 citroner

1.75 ounces of lemon acid / 50 g citron syra

4.4 Ilbs of sugar / 2 kg socker 

0.4 gallons of water / 1.5 liter vatten

1. Slice the lemons thinly. / Skiva citronen i tunna skivor.

2. Bring sugar and water to boil. / Koka upp vatten och socker.

3. Wash the elderflowers. / Tvätta fläderblommorna.

4. Pour the sugar and water over the lemons and flowers. / Häll vattnet och sockret över citronen and blommorna.

5. Cover up and put somewhere cold. / Täck och ställ kallt.

6. Stir a couple of times a day for 4 days. / Rör några gånger per dag i 4 dagar.

7. Strain well. / Sila väl.

8. Keep in bottles. / Förvaras i flaskor.

9. Done! / Klart!