Elderflower Extract / Fläderblomssaft


Elderflower is a classic Swedish Summer taste. It’s so delicious and fresh, but hard to explain in terms of taste. It is original and it’s own, but hard not to like. When making elderflower extract (that you drink mixed with water) you pick the flowers of an elderflower tree. The flowers are then combined with lemons, lemon acid and sugar. After some stirring for 4 days, you strain the mixture and the extract is done. It’s easy, even though it takes a little longer to actually make it than something else. Our summer house is called “Talludden” and therefore, that’s what we named the extract too.

Recipe / Recept 

about 25-35 elderflowers / ca 25-35 fläderklasar 

5 lemons / 5 citroner

1.75 ounces of lemon acid / 50 g citron syra

4.4 Ilbs of sugar / 2 kg socker 

0.4 gallons of water / 1.5 liter vatten

1. Slice the lemons thinly. / Skiva citronen i tunna skivor.

2. Bring sugar and water to boil. / Koka upp vatten och socker.

3. Wash the elderflowers. / Tvätta fläderblommorna.

4. Pour the sugar and water over the lemons and flowers. / Häll vattnet och sockret över citronen and blommorna.

5. Cover up and put somewhere cold. / Täck och ställ kallt.

6. Stir a couple of times a day for 4 days. / Rör några gånger per dag i 4 dagar.

7. Strain well. / Sila väl.

8. Keep in bottles. / Förvaras i flaskor.

9. Done! / Klart!


5 thoughts on “Elderflower Extract / Fläderblomssaft

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Such beautiful photography, just like I’ve come to expect when I visit you. I’d love to try this but I’ve no idea where I’d find elderflowers. I need to do a little searching. 🙂

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