Homemade Pink Peach Lemonade – Rosa Persiko Lemonad


The weather in Sweden is for once just as you like it during summer. It’s really summer. Yesterday night we had dinner by the ocean in T-shirts until 10 pm, that rarely happens. The days are beautiful and warm with no wind and clear skies… Yesterday I made my one peach lemonade, and it was SO delicious. I wanna try making it with other fruits, but maybe that’s a task for you? 🙂 Use whatever fruits you have at home, and serve this delicious drink in the summer heat. Not to mention, it’s pretty too…


Recipe / Recept

6 cups of water / 1.5 liter vatten

3 peaches / 3 persikor

1.2 cups of sugar / 3 dl socker

4 lemons / 4 citroner

1. Cut the peaches in pieces. / Skär persikorna i bitar.

2. In a big pot, add peaches, water and sugar. / I en stor kastrull, lägg i persikor, vatten och socker.

3. Squeeze in lemon juice. / Pressa i citronsaft.

4. Bring to boil. / Koka upp.

5. Put on a lid and let simmer for 10 min. / Sätt på ett lock och låt puttra i 10 min.

6. Strain the lemonade. / Sila bort persikorna.

7. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

8. Serve with lots of ice! / Servera med massa is!


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