Awesome Salmon & Passion fruit Salad with Cilantro Dressing – Fantastisk Lax & Passionsfrukts Sallad med Koriander Dressing


Since the weather in Sweden doesn’t seem to cool off yet (awesome) there’s definitely a need for some quick, easy and delicious salad inspiration recipes. This sallad was so good that me and my brother ate it for lunch 3 days in a row. My brother even said he’d make the dressing the coming days too. The dressing contains a couple of ingredients, but most of it, you’ll find in your pantry at home. It’s really only the fresh cilantro that you will maybe have to purchase. When it comes to presentation, or ingredients for that part, don’t be scared to experiment a little. Put in whatever you like. I used warm smoked salmon, a swedish speciality, but really, any kind of salmon will do. Enjoy your salad, and I hope you try making the delicious dressing.

Recipe (serves 4 hungry people) / Recept (till 4 hungriga personer)

Hearts of Romaine / Roman Sallad

Salmon of any kind / Lax

3 Passion fruits / 3 passionsfrukter

1 spring onion / 1 salladslök

1 avocado / 1 avokado

Pea pods / Ärtskidor

Halloumi cheese / Halloumi ost

Cucumber / Gurka

Dressing / Dressing 

0.4 cups chopped cilantro / 1 dl hackad koriander

Olive oil / Olivolja

Balsamico / Balsamico

Honey / Honung

Soy Sauce / Soya

Chil iflakes / Chiliflakes

1. Start by making the dressing. / Börja med att göra dressingen.

2. Chop the cilantro and put in a small glass. / Hacka koriandern och lägg i ett litet glas.

3. Cover with olive oil. / Täck med olivolja.

4. Add about 0.2 cups of soy. / Tillsätt ca 0.5 dl soya.

5. Add 1 tbsp of honey. / Lägg i 1 msk honung.

6. And then 1 tsp balsamico. / Och sen 1 tsk balsamico.

7. Add chili flakes after flavor. / Tillsätt chiliflakes efter smak.

8. Cut all other ingredients and plate nicely. / Skär alla andra ingredienser och lägg upp fint.

9. Cover with passion fruit and the dressing. / Täck med passionsfrukt och dressing.

10. Done! / Klart!


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