Frozen Chocolate & Meringue Cake – Frusen Choklad och Marängtårta


This easy cake looks and tastes beautiful. It can be kept in the freezer for a couple of days, which makes it a no-hassle dessert for when having guests over! The chocolate can easily be swapped for fruits, berries or any other flavor you prefer! Not to mention it’s gluten-free!


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Recipe / Recept


Pre made meringue / Färdiga marängbottnar


4 egg whites / 4 äggvitor 


1.4 cups of heavy whipping cream / 4 dl grädde


1 tbsp of sugar / 1 msk socker


200 g of melted chocolate / 200 g smält choklad


berries for decoration / bär för dekoration


1. Whisk the egg whites to a hard foam. / Vispa äggvitorna till ett hårt skum,


2. Whisk the cream until firm. / Vispa grädden relativt hårt.


3. Carefully stir in the egg whites into the cream. / Rör försiktigt ner äggviteskummet i grädden.


4. Crush one of the meringues and add into the mixture. / Krossa en av marängbottnarna och rör ner i smeten.


5. Melt the chocolate. / Smält chokladen.


6. Put the other meringue in the bottom of a spring form. / Lägg den andra marängbotten i botten på en springform.


7. Stir the chocolate carefully into the egg and cream mixture. / Rör försiktigt ner chokladen i ägg och grädd-smeten.


8. Add the mixture to the springform. / Lägg i röran i formen.


9. Put in the freezer for about 4 h. / Ställ i frysen i ca 4 h.


10. Top with berries. / Toppa med bär.


11. Done! / Klart!



9 thoughts on “Frozen Chocolate & Meringue Cake – Frusen Choklad och Marängtårta

  1. Kasey says:

    Looks amazing, I’m going to give it a shot! One question – having taken it out of the freezer for a short while to soften up a bit (and EAT) in thecase of any leftovers should they go back in the freezer? Will the cake start to go liquidy? I plan to take it to a friend’s house and was wondering if I should pop it in the freezer when I arrive until just before we eat it, and again for any leftovers? Thanks!

    • Dailyinakitchen says:

      Hi! Yes! This is impossible to fail when making 🙂 I would do just as you say, put it in the freezer when you arrive (it melts quite fast) and if there are leftovers put it in the freezer again. You could treat it as ice cream basically! Hope it goes well!!

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