Superduper Coffee Smoothie – Världsagod Kaffe Smoothie


As I mentioned in the blog before, I spent this years Christmas and New Year’s in Florida… This also opened up for less hearty food and more fruit, smoothies and vegetables. This “smoothie” isn’t really a smoothie, it’s a mix of coffee, ice, banana and milk. Sounds strange? Maybe, but it tasted wonderful! Definitely a hot commodity for someone who loves coffee :). The Beautiful girl in the picture is my brother’s lovely girlfriend Alexandra.

Recipe / Recept

1/2 banana / 1/2 banan

1 cup of coffee / 1 kopp kaffe 

a couple of ice cubes / några isbitar

milk after taste / mjölk efter smak

1. Mix all ingredients and serve immediately. / Mixa alla ingredienser och servera direkt.

2. Enjoy! / Njut!


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