Wild Tree Gluten Free Pizza – It’s real. – Wild Tree Glutenfri Pizza – på riktigt.


A couple of weeks ago, Lara, from wildtree contacted me. She asked if I wanted to try some of their organic, gluten free products, which I of course wanted. One week later a large package came, and amongst grape seed oils and sangria mixers, there was gluten free pizza dough mix. Unfortunately the weather in DC has been… Varying and constantly surprising, making our pipes freeze in the house I live. Hence, no water the coming week. Then midterms-season came BUT one Friday night me and my house mates felt accomplished and I decided to finally try the pizza mix. I went on, what I thought was, a well deserved shopping-spree at Whole Foods, and came home with fresh vegetables, three types of cheeses and other delicious ingredients.

So, what was the judgement? Amazing. I was honestly surprised of how well it turned out. The dough didn’t need more than 10 minutes to rise, no yeast required, and a small little adjustment made the flavor surprising. So what did I do? In the box I got came one lemon grape seed oil and one pesto infused grape seed oil, that I mixed into the dough – and the result was SO delicious. Like really. Pizza can be topped of with anything you like. I would encourage you to try these products, because, it was a delicious meal….


2 thoughts on “Wild Tree Gluten Free Pizza – It’s real. – Wild Tree Glutenfri Pizza – på riktigt.

  1. Lara Jebsen says:

    These products are amazing! I would love to answer any questions you may have and offer a discount for Ina’s readers, contact me for more info! mywildtree.com/larajebsen

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