6 Hour Bolognese – 6 Timmars Bolognese


Something that I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time is a slow cooked bolognese. I don’t own a slow-cooker, so I just made mine in a pot. When I’m in DC, I usually don’t have 6 hours to wait for something cooking (even though it does cook itself and you don’t have to do much, I would still not dare leaving it on the stove….). When I got back to Sweden, this was the first meal I made! And I must say…. There is something about slow cooked meat. It just falls apart, and it tastes SO delicious. As you all know, I don’t eat that much red meat any longer, but this is one of my few weak points. For all of you out there who feel like trying – do it! It was worth it, and especially for a weekend with bad weather, or when you’re on vacation.

Recipe / Recept

600 g chuck roast / 600 g högrev 

5 carrots / 5 morötter 

2 onions / 2 gula lökar 

4 cloves of garlic / 4 vitlöksklyftor 

4 mushrooms / 4 champinjoner

1/2 parsnip / 1/2 palsternacka 

3 sticks of celery / 3 stjälkar selleri 

2 cans of crushed tomatoes / 2 burkar krossade tomater 

1 cup of water / 2.5 dl vatten

1 stock cube / 1 buljong tärning

1 tbsp soy sauce / 1 msk soya 

1 tbsp salt / 1 msk salt 

1 tbsp sugar / 1 tsk socker

Parsley for garnish / Persilja för dekoration 

1. Start by cutting the meat and vegetables in pieces. / Börja med att skära kött och grönsaker i bitar.

2. Brown the meat in butter. Set aside. / Bryn köttet i smör. Lägg åt sidan.

3. In a big pot, brown the vegetables. / I en stor gryta, bryn grönsakerna.

4. Add all the other ingredients and let simmer with the lid on. / Lägg i alla ingredienser och låt puttra med locket på.

5. After about 1 hour, taste and add more spices according to taste. / Efter ungefär en timme, smaka av och krydda.

6. Let simmer and try every 2 hours. / Låt puttra och smaka av efter ca 2 timmar.

7. After 5-6 hours, it’s done. / Efter 5-6 timmar är det klart.

8. Serve with pasta and parmesan. / Servera med pasta och parmesan.

9. Done! / Klart!


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