Delicious Chocolate & Pistachio Cookies – Supergoda Choklad & Pistage Snittar


Chocolate “cuts” as we call them in Sweden (just because you cut them side-wise even though you bake them as “one” dough) are a true classic. Just as the sesame syrup cookies, they are easy to make and a true crowd pleaser. In general, we sprinkle them with pearl sugar, but this time, I chose to use both pearl sugar and pistachios, just to spice it up (and, why settle with one when you could have both?). Recipe as follows;

Recipe / Recept 

200 g of butter / 200 g smör

1 cup of sugar / 2.5 dl socker 

1 tbsp of corn syrup / 1 msk sirap 

1 tsp of brewed coffee / 1 tsk kokt kaffe

3.5 tbsp of cacao powder / 3.5 tsk kakao

1 tsp of vanilla / 1 tsk vaniljsocker 

2 tsp baking powder / 2 tsk bakpulver 

2 cups of flour / 5 dl mjöl 


1 egg / 1 ägg

pearl sugar / pärlsocker 

pistachios / pistagenötter 

1.Set the oven at 400 F. / Sätt ugnen på 200 grader.

2. Mix all the ingredients for the cookies together. / blanda alla ingredienser till kakorna.

3. Chop the nuts. / Hacka nötterna.

4. Roll out 2 lengths of rounds of dough. / Rulla ut två längder deg.

5. Press down so that it is about 0.5 inch. / Pressa ut till ca 1.5 cm.

6. Whisk the egg. / Vispa ägget.

7. Brush the dough. / Pensla degen.

8. Sprinkle nuts and sugar. / Strö över nötter och socker.

9. Bake for about 13 min. / Grädda i ca 13 min.

10. Cut them sidewise immediately as they come out of the oven. / Skär på diagonalen när de kommer ut ur ugnen.

11. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

12. Done! / Klart!


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