Strawberry Cream – Jordgubbskräm


Starting this Valentine’s week of with a traditional Swedish summer recipe – but, you can just as well use frozen berries! Strawberry cream is a perfect dessert, and is usually served with a splash of unwhipped whipping cream! Enjoy!

Recipe / Recept

500 g strawberries / 500 g jordgubbar

1.6 cups of water / 4 dl vatten

0.4 cups of sugar / 1 dl socker

2 tbsp of corn starch / 2 msk maizena 

1. Bring berries, water and sugar to boil. / Koka upp bär, vatten och socker.

2. Remove the pot from the heat. / Ta av plattan från kastrullen.

3. Add about 3 tbsp of the cream to a cup and add in starch. / Ta ca 3 msk av krämen i en mugg och rör i maizena.

4. Pour the mixture in to the cream while stirring. / Häll i blandningen i krämen i en stråle samtidigt som du vispar.

5. Done! / Klart!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Tryfflar


Raw cookie dough might be one of the best things in the world. The traditional Swedish cookie dough does not contain eggs, even though the US cookie dough does. They’re both good in different ways – but the true chocolate chip cookie dough is hard to beat.These are deliciously sweet and will fulfill your cookie dough craving in a second! They’re super easy to make as well and does not contain any eggs! A must try for tonight :). ( Recipe adjusted from here)

Recipe (Makes about 17) / Recept (Ca 17 stycken)

1/2 stick of butter / 55 gram smör

1/8 cup of sugar /  0.3 dl socker

1/4 cup of brown sugar / 0.6 dl muscovado socker

0.25 tsp of vanilla / 0.25 tsk vaniljsocker

1 tbsp milk / 1 msk mjölk

0.6 cups of flour / 1.5 dl mjöl

a pinch of salt / en nypa salt

a hand full of chocolate chips + 2 hand fulls for melting / en näve chocolate chips + två nävar att smälta

1.Mix sugars at butter together. / Vispa socker och smör.

2. Mix in flour, vanilla, milk and salt. / Blanda i mjölk, vaniljsocker, mjöl och salt.

3. Fold in a hand full of chocolate chips. / Blanda i en näve chocolate chips.

4. Roll balls with about 1 tsp of dough. / Rulla bollar av ca en tsk deg.

5. Freeze for 10 min. / Frys i 10 min.

6. Melt the rest of the chocolate. / Smält resten av chokladen.

7. Coat the chocolate chip balls in the chocolate. / Täck bollarna i chokladen.

8. Sprinkle over garnish of your choice, if desired. / Strö på garnering, om du vill.

9. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

10. Done! / Klart!








Garam Masala Yoghurt Marinated Chicken with Watermelon Salad – Garam Masala Yoghurt Marinerad Kyckling med Vattenmelon Sallad


I don’t even remember where this recipe originally came from – but we’ve made it at home over the past years, and I don’t use a recipe anymore, just mix the marinade together. It’s a quite spicy taste, and for me, growing up with quite Scandinavian flavors, the idea of marinating chicken in yoghurt never struck me! Although, this is so amazingly delicious, and the yoghurt makes the chicken super moist. The watermelon salad is just watermelon and cucumber – but I love serving it in the half watermelon – it just makes it look so much better, even though it’s super easy. Optional to add halloumi cheese  on the side – but highly recommended 🙂

Recipe (about 4 servings) / Recept (för ca 4 personer)

1 pound of boneless chicken thighs / 500 g kyckling lårfilé

2 cups of greek yoghurt / 5 dl yoghurt 

1 small package of garam masala spice / 1 paket garam masala krydda

1/2 watermelon / 1/2 vattenmelon

2 cucumbers / 2 gurkor 

1.Start by mixing the garam masala with the yoghurt. / Börja med att blanda kryddan med yoghurten.

2. Clean up the chicken and add to the marinade. / Skär bort lite av fettet från kyckligen och blanda med marinaden.

3. Let marinade for at least 2 hours for best result. / Marinera kycklingen i minst 2 timmar för bästa resultat.

4. Scoop out the watermelon and cut small cubes and mix with small cubes of cucumber. / Karva ur vattenmelonen och skär små kuber, blanda med små gurkkuber.

5. The chicken is absolute best cooked on the grill, but a normal frying pan is fine! / Kycklingen är absolut godast på grillen, men funkar lika bra stekt.

6. Serve all together! / Servera allt tillsammans!

7. Done! / Klart!


Chocolate Cookies with Hidden Marshmallows – Chokladkakor med Gömda Marshmallows


This recipe just completely slipped my mind! Made these sweet cookies together with my brother’s girlfriend (and my dear friend) Alexandra, this summer! These cookies comes from one of Sweden’s biggest food bloggers Jenny’s blog (recipe here). These cookies could be varied in eternity by just substituting the marshmallows for something else of your choice! The cookies are easy to make, and soft on the outside (which I really like). They are on the sweet side – so if you don’t want that, reduce the amount of sugar. I would recommend keeping the sugar coating though – just because it looks so adorable!

Recipe / Recept 

120 g of butter / 120 g smör 

0.4 cups of brown sugar / 1 dl farinsocker 

2 cups of flour / 5 dl vetemjöl 

0.6 cups of cacao powder / 1.5 dl kakao

1 tsp of baking soda / 1 tsk bikarbonat 

1 tsp of salt / 1 tsk salt 

0.8 cups of sugar / 2 dl socker 

2 eggs / 2 ägg

1 tsp of corn syrup / 1 tsk sirap 

Filling / Fyllning 

Marshmallows / Marshmallows 

Cane sugar / Strösocker 

1.Preheat the oven to 390 F. / Sätt ugnen på 200 grader.

2. Mix together sugars and butter. / Vispa ihop ägg och smör.

3. Add in flour and cacao powder. / Blanda i mjöl och kakao.

4. Add in the eggs. / Blanda i äggen.

5. Add the syrup. / Blanda i sirapen.

6. Cut the marshmallows in smaller pieces. / Klipp marshmallown i mindre bitar.

7. Create small balls with the marshmallow piece in the middle, it should be completely covered. / Rulla små bollar med marshmallown i mitten, den ska vara helt täckt.

8. Roll in cane sugar. / Rulla i strösocker.

9. Bake for about 5-7 min, until they’re just a little cracked at the top. / Grädda i ca 5-7 min, eller tills de precis spruckit något på toppen.

10. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

11. Done! / Klart!

P.S – they’re even more delicious kept in the freezer! / Dom är ännu godare om de kommer direkt ur frysen!


Rose Water Cake with Berry Yoghurt Frosting – Rosenvatten Kaka med Yoghurt och Bär Frosting


Since I bought the rose water in the store, I got a slight obsession with it…. I know that some people have a really hard time liking the taste – and it is quite special. Although, I feel like it has a luxurious feeling too it – it’s not something you would eat everyday. To bake with rose water was really fun, because the consistency of the cake came out super smooth! It’s hard to explain, but it was something that I hadn’t been able to accomplish before. On top of the cake, I made a berry and greek yoghurt frosting – but this is of course optional. I do think that you should go and buy some rose water though – you will be happily surprised!

Recipe / Recept

7 tbsp of butter / 100 g smör 

1.4 cups of sugar / 3 dl socker 

1 egg / 1 ägg

2 cups of flour / 5 dl mjöl

2 tsp of baking powder / 2 tsk bakpulver 

1 cup of milk / 2.5 dl mjölk

1.5 tsp rose water / 1.5 tsk rosen vatten


1 cup of pureed berries (any type will do) / 2.5 dl slätt mixade bär (valfri sort)

0.5 cups of greek yoghurt / 1.75 dl yoghurt 

0.4 cups of icing sugar / 1 dl florsocker

1. Preheat the oven to 340. / Sätt ugnen på 175 grader.

2. Spray a spring form with non-stick spray. / Smöra och bröa en form med löstagbara kanter.

3. Mix butter and sugar. / Vispa smör och socker.

4. Add the egg. / Tillsätt ägg.

5. Add half the flour, half the baking powder and half the milk. Mix well. / Tillsätt hälften av mjölet, bakpulvret och mjölken. Blanda.

6. Add the other halves. / Tillsätt resten.

7. Add the rose water. / Tillsätt rosen vatten.

8. Bake for about 40-45 min. / Grädda i 40-45 min.

9. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

10. Mix all the ingredients for the frosting. / Blanda alla ingredienser till frostingen.

11. Spread the frosting on the cake. / Bred på frostingen på kakan.

12. Done! / Klart!