Snack Hacks: Tortilla Flatbread Pizza


This recipe is super easy, and perfect for either a snack or dinner! You can put on whatever toppings you like…

Recipe / Recept

Mini tortillas / Små tortilla bröd 

Sour Cream / Creme Fraiche 

Vegetables / Grönsaker 

1. Preheat the oven to 440. / Sätt ugnen på 225 grader.

2. Spread sour cream on the tortillas. / Bred creme fraiche på tortillan.

3. Top with vegetables. / Toppa med grönsaker.

4. Bake for about 12 min, or until the bread is becoming crispy. / Grädda i ca 12 min, eller tills brödet blir krispigt.

5. Done! / Klart!

Snack Hacks Cocktails: Patriotic Punch for 4th of July


Recipe / Recept 

Cranberry juice / Tranbärsjuice 

Blue powerade or gatorade / Blå powerade eller annan energidryck 

sprite / sprite 

vodka / vodka 

1. Start by filling up the glasses with ice. / Börja med att fylla upp glasen med is.

2. Tilt the glas and carefully pour in cranberry juice. / Luta glaset och häll upp tranbärsjuicen.

3. Then carefully pour in the powerade. / Häll sedan försiktigt i powerade.

4. Add the sprite on top! Be careful and don’t mix! / Häll på spriten. Var försiktig och blanda inte om.

5. Add vodka depending on desired strength ;). / Toppa med vodka beroende på hur stark du vill ha din drink ;).

6. Done! / Klart!


Snack Hacks: Tzatziki

Recipe / Recept 

1.5 cups of greek yogurt / 3.75 dl grekisk yogurt

1 small cucumber / 1 liten gurka

2 cloves of garlic / 2 vitlöksklyftor 

salt / salt 

1.Grate the cucumber. / Riv gurkan.

2. Place on a plate with paper towels and add salt, this will make some of the water release from the cucumber. / Lägg den rivna gurkan på en talrik med hushållspapper och salta. Detta gör att delar av vattnet från gurkan dras ut.

3. Chop or press the garlic cloves. / Hacka eller pressa vitlöksklyftorna.

4. Add everything in to the yogurt and add salt. / Blanda i allt i yoghurten och salta.

5. Done! / Klart!

Snack Hacks: Hummus!


Recipe / Recept

1 can of chickpeas / 1 burk kikärtor

1 clove of garlic / 1 vitlöksklyfta

½ lemon / ½ citron

Paprika / paprika pulver

Salt / salt

1.Mix all ingredients together in a food processor. / Mixa samman alla ingredienser.

2. Done! / Klart!

Snack Hacks: Easiest 1-min Banana Ice Cream


Recipe / Recept 

2 bananas / 2 bananer 

1 tbsp of peanut butter / 1 msk jordnötssmör

raw cacao nibs / råa kakao nibs 

1. Cut up the bananas and freeze for at least 4 hours or over night. / Skär upp bananerna och frys i minst 4 timmar eller över natten.

2. In a food processor, mix the bananas with peanut butter until ice cream consistency. / I en mixer, mixa bananer med jordnötssmör tills det blir glass konsistens.

3. Top with cacao nibs. / Toppa med kakao nibs.

4. Enjoy!!


Snack Hacks – Banana Pancakes


Recept (5 små pannkakor) / Recipe ( 5 small pancakes)

1 ägg / 1 egg

1 banan / 1 banana

lite kanel / a pinch of cinnamon

lite kardemumma / a pinch of cardamom 

1. Mosa bananen och blanda med ägget. Tillsätt kryddorna. / Mash the banana and mix with the egg. Add the spices.

2. Stek som vanliga pannkakor. Se till att inte lägga för mycket smet i stekpannan, då det kan bli äggröra. / Cook as normal pancakes. Make sure to not pour to much of the mixture in at the same time, since that will make scrambled eggs.

3. Klart! / Done!

P.S… Gott att ha bär till! / Wonderful with berries.


Wild Tree Gluten Free Pizza – It’s real. – Wild Tree Glutenfri Pizza – på riktigt.


A couple of weeks ago, Lara, from wildtree contacted me. She asked if I wanted to try some of their organic, gluten free products, which I of course wanted. One week later a large package came, and amongst grape seed oils and sangria mixers, there was gluten free pizza dough mix. Unfortunately the weather in DC has been… Varying and constantly surprising, making our pipes freeze in the house I live. Hence, no water the coming week. Then midterms-season came BUT one Friday night me and my house mates felt accomplished and I decided to finally try the pizza mix. I went on, what I thought was, a well deserved shopping-spree at Whole Foods, and came home with fresh vegetables, three types of cheeses and other delicious ingredients.

So, what was the judgement? Amazing. I was honestly surprised of how well it turned out. The dough didn’t need more than 10 minutes to rise, no yeast required, and a small little adjustment made the flavor surprising. So what did I do? In the box I got came one lemon grape seed oil and one pesto infused grape seed oil, that I mixed into the dough – and the result was SO delicious. Like really. Pizza can be topped of with anything you like. I would encourage you to try these products, because, it was a delicious meal….


2014 in one post – 2014 i ett inlägg


Last day of 2014, and I must say that blog-wise it’s been an interesting year. Not only have I moved from one apartment to a house with a break in between of being in Sweden, and finally ending my year in Florida, this of course means that the tools and kitchens I’ve been working in/with, has been very different.

Content wise I must sum this year up as quality over quantity – deliberately making less posts, but putting more effort, thought and styling in to them.

Biggest accomplishment of 2014 was making it onto Saveur’s Sites We Love – it still makes me happy that so many of you find your way here from that link. And of course – making it onto foodgawker 3 more times.

Finally, I want to thank all the 32,000 unique viewers that have read my blog this year – and hope you’ll continue to stay tuned the coming year!


Advent First – Första Advent


Happy Advent First! Here’s a mix of recipes from last christmas – and some pictures to inspire you along the way!

Ginger-cookies with blue cheese / Pepparkakor med “blue cheese”

Candy Cane Caramel / Polkagris knäck

Beet Salad with the Perfect Winter Dressing / Polkabets-Sallad med Perfekt Vinter-dressing

Swedish Kavring Bread (Quick Version) / Kavring (Snabb Version)

Peppermint Kisses / Mintkyssar

Sesame Fudge / Sesam Fudge


Swedish Mocca Cake and a Throwback to Summer – Mocca Tårta och en “Throwback” till sommaren


A slight blog pause the past week. Midterms seems to never get less hectic. But now I’m up for new post and inspiring pictures again! This post will be dedicated as a throwback to summer. I want to say that fall has finally arrived to DC, and it’s no longer summer. I baked this cake one of the last days of being home in Stockholm. The cake is a Swedish classic, “tosca cake” that I added coffee too. The inspiration actually comes from a boxmix, and has a mild taste of coffee too it. Perfect for a classic Swedish afternoon “fika”. Stay tuned!

Recipe / Recept 

3.5 ounces of butter / 100 g smör 

2 eggs / 2 ägg

0.8 cupd of milk / 2 dl mjöl

1 tsp of baking powder/ 1 tsk bakpulver

0.2 cups of coffee / 1/2 dl kaffe 

Frosting / Glasyr

3.5 ounces of butter / 100 g smör

0.4 cups of sugar / 1 dl socker

2 tbsp of milk / 2 msk mjölk

3.5 ounces of almonds (sliced) / 100 g mandel (skivad)

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. / Sätt ugnen på 175 grader.

2. Melt the butter. / Smält smöret.

3. Whisk eggs and sugar fluffy. / Vispa ägg och socker fluffigt.

4. Carefully add in flour and baking powder. / Rör försiktigt i mjöl.

5. Add the coffee and melted butter. / Tillsätt kaffe och smält smör.

6. Bake the cake for about 20-25 min. / Grädda i ca 20-25 min.

7. Whisk together ingredients for the frosting. / Blanda ihop ingredienserna till glasyren.

8. Spread on top of the cake. / Bred på kakan.

9. Bake for additionally 10-15 min. / Grädda ytterligare 10-15 min.

10. Let cool. / Låt svalna.

11. Done! / Klart!