Snack Hacks: Watermelon Salad


Recipe / Recept 

1 watermelon / 1 vattenmelon

1 cucumber / 1 gurka

1/2 lime / 1/2 lime

mint / mynta

1. Scoop out the watermelon. / Ta ut köttet ur vattenmelonen. Spara skalet.

2. Cut up cucumber and mint. / Skär upp gurka och mint.

3. Cut the watermelon meat in cubes. / Skär vattenmelon köttet i bitar.

4. Mix everything and squeeze over lime. / Blanda allt och pressa över lime.

5. Serve in the watermelon shell. / Servera i vattenmelon skalet.

6. Done! / Klart!

Easy & Delicious Chips & Caviar Snacks – Lätta & Goda Chips & Rom Snacks


It’s a little strange because here in the US “caviar” is such a delicacy, not to say it’s not a little “luxurious” in Sweden, but it’s not the same thing. These chips are perfect for a cocktail party or just as a nice weekend appetizer! Quick and easy to make, and something that any salt-lover will like! This recipe will go under a new category called “Phone Recipes” meaning that they are usually quicker, and photos are taken with my phone, we’ll see how it turns out, let me know what you think!

What you need: / Du behöver:

Lightly salted chips / Lättsaltade lantchips 

1 small red onion / 1 liten rödlök 

sour cream / creme fraiche 

caviar / rom 

fresh dill / färsk dill 

1.Chop the onion in small, small pieces. / Finhacka löken.

2. Spread out the chips. / Sprid ut chipsen.

3. Put a little bit of sour cream, followed by onion and caviar on them. / Lägg på lite creme fraiche, lök och rom.

4. Top with dill. / Toppa med dill.

5. Done! / Klart!


The Greatest Cake of All Times – Den Bästa Tårtan genom Alla Tider


There are a couple of things that never gets old. One of those things, is this cake. It has a soft sponge layered with banana and raspberries, covered in whipped cream and topped of with whatever’s in season. This time; raspberries.

Recept / Recipe

Botten (Går också att köpa färdiga) / Sponge

2 ägg / 2 eggs

2 dl socker / 0.8 cups of sugar

3 dl vetemjöl / 1.4 cups of flour

2 tsk bakpulver / 2 teaspoons of baking powder

2 tsk vaniljsocker / 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

1 dl mjölk / 0.4 cups of milk

50 g smält smör / 1.75 ounces of butter

Fyllning / Filling 

2 bananer / 2 bananas

200 g hallon / 7 ounces of raspberries


3 dl vispgrädde / 1.4 cups of whipping cream

bär till garnering / berries for garnishing

1. Sätt ugnen på 175 grader. / Heat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit.

2. Vispa ägg och socker pösigt med elvisp. / Whisk egg and sugar until light yellow with a mixer.

3. Tillsätt alla torra ingredienser. / Add all the dry ingredients.

4. Lägg i en rund form, helst med löstagbara kanter och grädda i ca 40-50 min, stick i kakan för att se att den är klar. / Put the mixture in a preferably round baking thin with removable edges. Bake the cake for about 40-50 min, stick something in the cake to make sure it’s done.

5. Låt svalna och skär i tre lager. / Let cool and cut it in three layers.

6. Mosa banan och hallon separat. Ha lite socker i om du vill. / Mash banana and raspberries separately  Add some sugar if you want.

7. Vispa grädden ganska hårt. / Whisk the cream pretty hard.

8. Lägg en tårtbotten på ett fat, och lägg på mosad banan. Lägg på nästa lager och lägg på mosade hallon. Lägg på nästa lager och täck in hela tårtan i vispgrädde. / Put one layer cake on a plate and put the mashed banana on top. Put another layer of cake on top and put the mashed raspberries on top. Add the third layer of cake and cover it all in cream.

9. Garnera med färska bär! / Garnish with fresh berries!

10. Klart! / Done!



Seared Tuna & Caramelized Onion Rice Bowl


This recipe has been waiting and waiting to be posted! Don’t be intimidated… It’s so easy to make, and one of the most delicious dinner I’ve made in a while… Which means that you must try as well :). You could just as well use fresh salmon or another type of fish. The combination is what makes it so perfect!

Recipe / Recept 

Rice / Ris

1 mango / 1 mango

1 avocado / 1 avokado 

1/2 cucumber / 1/2 gurka 

1 large onion / 1 stor lök 

1/2 cup of water / 1.25 dl vatten

2 tbsp of honey / 2 msk honung

salt / salt

2 pieces of tuna (that can be eaten raw…) / 2 bitar tonfisk (som kan ätas råa

2 cloves of garlic / 2 vitlöksklyftor

Dressing / Dressing 

1 part olive oil / 1 del olivolja 

1 part soy sauce / 1 del soya 

a piece of fresh ginger / en bit färsk ingefära 


1. Start by boiling the rice according. / Börja med att koka riset.

2. Cut the cucumber and avocado in smaller pieces. Mix and set aside. / Skär gurkan och avokadon i mindre bitar. Blanda och ställ åt sidan.

3. Cut the mango in smaller pieces and set aside. / Skär mangon i mindre bitar och sätt åt sidan.

4. Cut the onion in half moons. / Skär löken i halvmånar.

5. Heat up a pan and add onion, stir until it’s soft. / Hetta upp en panna och lägg i löken. Rör tills den är mjuk.

6. Add water, honey and salt. / Lägg i vatten, honung och salt.

7. Turn the heat down. / Dra ner värmen.

8. Let simmer until all liquid is disappeared. / Låt puttra tills all vätska kokat bort.

9. Grate the ginger. / Riv ingefära.

10. Mix all ingredients to the dressing. / Blanda alla ingredienser till dressingen.

11. Press the garlic. / Pressa vitlöken.

12. Rub the tuna in garlic and salt, sear in butter on high heat for about 45 sec on each side. / Gnugga in vitlöken i tonfisken och salta. Stek på hög värme i smör ca 45 sek på varje sida.

13. Layer the bowl with rice, dressing, vegetables and top with slices of tuna and caramelized onion. / Lägg upp i en skål, ris underst och sen grönsaker och dressing. Toppa med skivad tonfisk och karamelliserad lök.

14. Done! / Klart!


Cottage Cheese & Flax Seed Pancakes – Keso & Flaxfrö Pannkakor


Yes! Finally some new pancake recipes. I know there’s definitely hasn’t been enough breakfast inspiration on the blog lately – but here it comes! Perfect weekend (or luxury weekday) recipe! These Pancakes are flour free, healthy, filled with protein and generally awesome. They were easy to make, and can, as banana pancakes, be seasoned with whatever you would like. If you want to increase the amount of pancakes, just keep the egg / cottage cheese ratio stable, and there shouldn’t be an issue.

Hope you’re going to have a lovely weekend!

Recipe / Recept 

3 eggs / 3 ägg

3 big tbsp of cottage cheese / 3 stora msk keso

1 tbsp flax seeds / 1 msk flaxfrön 

1 tbsp chia seeds / 1 msk chia frön 

cinnamon & cardamom / kanel & kardemumma 

1. Add eggs, cottage cheese and flax seeds together. / Blanda ägg, keso och flaxfrön.

2. Mix with a hand mixer. / Mixa med en stavmixer.

3. Add in chia seeds and spices. / Lägg i chia frön och kryddor.

4. Cook the pancakes in a little butter, flip when they bubble. / Stek pannkakorna i lite smör. Vänd när dom bubblar.

5. Serve with yoghurt, fresh fruit, syrup, berries or anything else! / Servera med färsk frukt, yoghurt, sirap, bär eller något annat!

6. Done! / Klart!


Awesome Salmon & Passion fruit Salad with Cilantro Dressing – Fantastisk Lax & Passionsfrukts Sallad med Koriander Dressing


Since the weather in Sweden doesn’t seem to cool off yet (awesome) there’s definitely a need for some quick, easy and delicious salad inspiration recipes. This sallad was so good that me and my brother ate it for lunch 3 days in a row. My brother even said he’d make the dressing the coming days too. The dressing contains a couple of ingredients, but most of it, you’ll find in your pantry at home. It’s really only the fresh cilantro that you will maybe have to purchase. When it comes to presentation, or ingredients for that part, don’t be scared to experiment a little. Put in whatever you like. I used warm smoked salmon, a swedish speciality, but really, any kind of salmon will do. Enjoy your salad, and I hope you try making the delicious dressing.

Recipe (serves 4 hungry people) / Recept (till 4 hungriga personer)

Hearts of Romaine / Roman Sallad

Salmon of any kind / Lax

3 Passion fruits / 3 passionsfrukter

1 spring onion / 1 salladslök

1 avocado / 1 avokado

Pea pods / Ärtskidor

Halloumi cheese / Halloumi ost

Cucumber / Gurka

Dressing / Dressing 

0.4 cups chopped cilantro / 1 dl hackad koriander

Olive oil / Olivolja

Balsamico / Balsamico

Honey / Honung

Soy Sauce / Soya

Chil iflakes / Chiliflakes

1. Start by making the dressing. / Börja med att göra dressingen.

2. Chop the cilantro and put in a small glass. / Hacka koriandern och lägg i ett litet glas.

3. Cover with olive oil. / Täck med olivolja.

4. Add about 0.2 cups of soy. / Tillsätt ca 0.5 dl soya.

5. Add 1 tbsp of honey. / Lägg i 1 msk honung.

6. And then 1 tsp balsamico. / Och sen 1 tsk balsamico.

7. Add chili flakes after flavor. / Tillsätt chiliflakes efter smak.

8. Cut all other ingredients and plate nicely. / Skär alla andra ingredienser och lägg upp fint.

9. Cover with passion fruit and the dressing. / Täck med passionsfrukt och dressing.

10. Done! / Klart!


Inspriring Colorful Salad with Chèvre and Grilled Chicken – Inspirerande Färgfylld Sallad med Chèvre och Grillad Kyckling


The presentation of food seems almost as important as the taste of the food to most foodbloggers. One thing that I didn’t think of before starting to blog was how much greater every meal naturally tastes just by setting the table nicely and plating the food even more beautifully. This salad is just that – filled with color and season fresh vegetables, which makes it both beautiful and delicious. It includes beets in different shapes and colors, as well as blueberries. To complete this dinner, the salad was served with oven baked chevre, butter roasted bread and some fresh grilled eco-chicken.

Recipe / Recept

Ruccola / Ruccola

Beets / Rödbetor

Pea pods / Ärtskidor

Blueberries / Blåbär

Avocado / Avokado

Chèvre cheese / Chèvre ost

2 slices of bread / 2 brödskivor

Chicken (optional) / Kyckling (valfritt)

1. Start by boiling the beets. / Börja med att koka rödbetorna.

2. Slice the vegetables and plate the salad nicely. / Skiva grönsakerna och lägg upp salladen fint.

3. Heat the oven to 440 F. / Sätt ugnen på 225 grader.

4. Cook the chicken. I just salted it and cooked it on the grill for about 7 min on each side. / Tillaga kycklingen. Jag bara saltade och pepprade och grillade ca 7 min på varje sida.

5. Peel and slice the beets. / Skala och skiva rödbetorna.

6. Cut out the bread. / Skär ut rundlar av brödet.

7. Put the cheese in the oven, let bake for about 9 min. / Lägg in osten i ugnen, låt tillagas i ca 9 min.

8. In a pan, melt butter and roast the bread for about 2 min on each side. / i en stekpanna, smält smöret och rosta brödet ca 2 min på varje sida.

9. Done! / Klart!



Ina’s Peach & Cardamom Crumble Cake / Inas Persiko & Kardemumma SmulKaka


I’m not the biggest fan of pie, although, I’m very fond of the pie crumble dough. It’s amazingly delicious. A while back, I had a slight obsession with the TV show “cake boss” (guilty pleasure…) and in one episode the bake crumb-cake. It looked amazing, since it was like a soft cake but with pie crumbles. I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but haven’t come around to do it. The other day we had some beautiful peaches at home, and I decided to try to make an Ina Crumb Cake, a little different, but delicious. The bottom layer was moist and juicy, the peaces added sweetness and the crumbs were crispy and added texture. A hit that I’ll definitely make again!


Recipe / Recept

Cake / Kaka

2 eggs / 2 ägg

0.8 cups of sugar / 2 dl socker

0.8 cups of flour / 2 dl mjöl

a little more than 3 ounces of butter / lite mer än 90 g smör

1 tsp of lemon zest / 1 tsk citronskal

0.5 tsp of vanilla extract / 0.5 tsk vaniljsocker 

Peaches / persikor

Crumbs / Smuldeg

3.5 ounces of butter / 100 g smör

0.4 cups of oats / 1 dl havregryn

2 tbsp of sugar / 2 msk socker

1 tsp of cardamom / 1 tsk kardemumma

0.2 cups of flour / 1 dl mjöl 

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. / Sätt ugnen på 175 grader.

2. Butter a springform. / Smöra och bröa en spring form.

3. Mix all the ingredients for the cake. / Blanda alla ingredienser till kakan.

4. In a food processor, mix together the crumbs. / I en mixer, mixa ihop smuldegen.

5. Put the cake batter in the bottom. / Häll i smeten i formen.

6. Cut the peaches in slices. / Skiva persikorna.

7. Add the peaches on top of the batter. / Lägg persikorna på toppen av smeten.

8. Distribute the crumbs. / Fördela smuldegen.

9. Bake in the oven for about 25 min, or until a little golden on top. / Grädda i ca 25 min, eller tills den blivit lite gyllene på toppen.

10. Let cool, serve with whipped cream. / Låt svalna, servera med vispad grädde.

11. Done! / Klart!



A Wonderpot / En “Under-Kastrull”


Pasta comes in many different shapes – yet, I sometimes find it redundant. In the US, tomato sauce just goes by as “red sauce” and it makes me kind of sad. Red sauce and tomato sauce shouldn’t be the same thing, even though it is. The website is a great resource for any dinner, although it comes more handy for students on a student budget. Pasta rouge is sometimes delicious, but this wonderpot will surprise you! The wonder of the wonderpot simply lies in the fact that you only need one pot to cook the whole meal, even though it’s both pasta and a sauce. Convenient, since it requires less dishes… However, the result isn’t simple or boring at all. It’s
D e l i c i o u s and won’t disappoint you. It’s creamy without cream and flavorful as never before! Try it out and be amazed!


Recipe / Recept 

12 oz of Bavette / 500 g bavette 

3 cloves of garlic / 3 vitlöksklyftor

fresh basil / färsk basilika 

tomatoes / tomater 

1 yellow onion / 1 gul lök

4 cups of water / 1 liter vatten

1 stock cube / 1 buljongtärning

Parmesan cheese / Parmesanost

1. Cut the tomatoes, peel and slice the onion and garlic. / Skär tomaterna i bitar, skala och skiva löken och vitlöken.

2. Break the pasta in two. / Bryt pastan i två.

3. Add all ingredients, except the cheese,  into a pot. / Lägg alla ingredienser, utom osten, i en gryta.

4. Bring to boil, no lid. Make sure everything is covered in water. / Koka upp, utan lock, se till så att allt är täckt av vatten.

5. Cook until the pasta is done. / Koka tills pastan är klar.

6. Grate some cheese and stir in. / Riv ost och rör i.

7. Done! / Klart!


Midsummer Inspiration – Midsommar Inspiration

On Friday, we celebrate midsummer in Sweden, here comes some summer recipies perfect for the occasion.


På Fredag är det midsommar! Här kommer recept perfekta att bjuda på och laga.

Lime Cupcakes


Chocolate Chip Biscotti


Mexican Corn Cobs / Mexikanska Majskolvar


Easy Watermelon Salad / Lätt Melon Sallad


Jam Cookies / Syltkakor


The Best Chocolate Cake / Världens Bästa Kladdkaka



Meringue Macarons / Daim Macarons


Chevre Chaud with Strawberry Salsa / Chevre Chaud med Jordgubbssalsa


Watermelon and Cucumber Cooler / Vattenmelon och Gurk Dryck


Classic Summer Cake – Klassisk Sommartårta



Frozen Brownie and Raspberry Mousse Cake – Frusen Brownie och Hallon Mousse Tårta


Chocolate Oat Truffles – Lyxiga Chokladbollar


Lime and Mint Marinated Strawberries – Lime och Mynta Marinerade Jordgubbar

Right before mixing...

Right before mixing…