Jam & Cardamom Cookies – Sylt & Kardemumma Kakor


And all of a sudden I’m at the end of my semester again. First week of school it always seems so far until the end, yet, every semester it goes by as quick. Thanksgiving break, a week of classes and then finals. This also means that this is the third semester I’m keeping up (well, at least trying to) with the blog – and I’m so happy I do. Even though it’s much harder to after 250+ posts invent new things, find the time amongst all other activities, and, maybe mostly, have the time to post it (I still have some posts since summer that are not yet up….). Here comes a recipe of Jam & Cardamom cookies. I love jam (or thumbprint) cookies, but these comes with a twist. I put an egg in the dough and decreased the amount of flour slightly, this created a much softer cookie. Cardamom can be put in anything (and make it absolutely delicious 🙂 )

Recipe / Recept 

1.8 sticks of butter / 200 g smör 

0.4 cups of sugar / 1 dl socker

1 tsp vanilla / 1 tsk vaniljsocker

1.6 cups of flour / 4 dl mjöl

1 tsp of baking powder / 1 tsk bakpulver

1 tsp of cardamom / 1 tsk kardemumma

1 egg / 1 Àgg

jam /sylt

1. Preheat the oven to 430 F. / SÀtt ugnen pÄ 220 grader.

2. Mix all ingredients. / Blanda alla ingredienser.

3. Roll small balls and make a thumbprint in them. / Rulla smÄ bollar och gör ett litet tumavtryck i dom.

4. Put in some jam. / LĂ€gg i sylt.

5. Bake for about 8 min. / GrÀdda i ca 8 min.

6. Done! / Klart!


Mini Apple Pies w. Cinnamon & Cardamom Boiled Apples – SmĂ„ Äppelpajer med Kanel & Kardemumma kokta Ă„pplen


Recipe (makes 8 small pies) / Recept (8 smÄ pajer)

Bottom dough / Botten deg

3 tbsp of butter / 3 msk smör

2.5 tbsp of flour / 2.5 msk mjöl

1 tbsp sugar / 1 msk socker

Top dough / Top deg 

3 tbsp of butter / 3 msk smör

2.5 tbsp of old fashioned rolled oats / 2.5 msk havregryn

1 tbsp sugar / 1 msk socker

Apples / Äpplen 

2 apples / 2 Àpplen

1.5 tsp cardamom / 1.5 tsk kardemumma

1.5 tsp of cinnamon / 1.5 tsk kanel

1 tsp of sugar / 1 tsk socker

1 tsp syrup / 1 tsk sirap

1 tbsp of butter / 1 msk smör


1. Start by preheating the oven to 400. / SÀtt ugnen pÄ 200 grader.

2. Cut the apples in small pieces. / SkÀr Àpplena i smÄ bitar.

3. Put the apples and all apple ingredients in a pot. / LÀgg Àpplen och alla Àpple ingredienser i en kastrull.

4. Bring to boil, reduce heat and cook for about 7-10 min. / Koka upp, skruva ner vÀrmen och lÄt puttra i ca 7-10 min.

5. Mix all the ingredients to the bottom dough. / Blanda alla ingredienser till under-degen.

6. Push out in aluminum molds in a muffin thin. / Tryck ut i botten pÄ aluminiumformar i en muffinplÄt.

7. Fill up with apples. / Fyll pÄ med Àpplen.

8. Mix all ingredients to the top dough. / Blanda alla ingredienser till topp degen.

9. Spread the crumbles on top of the apples. / Bred ut smulorna pÄ toppen av Àpplena.

10. Bake for about 15 min or until golden. / GrÀdda i ca 15 min eller tills gyllene.

11. Done! / Klart!


Ina’s Peach & Cardamom Crumble Cake / Inas Persiko & Kardemumma SmulKaka


I’m not the biggest fan of pie, although, I’m very fond of the pie crumble dough. It’s amazingly delicious. A while back, I had a slight obsession with the TV show “cake boss” (guilty pleasure…) and in one episode the bake crumb-cake. It looked amazing, since it was like a soft cake but with pie crumbles. I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but haven’t come around to do it. The other day we had some beautiful peaches at home, and I decided to try to make an Ina Crumb Cake, a little different, but delicious. The bottom layer was moist and juicy, the peaces added sweetness and the crumbs were crispy and added texture. A hit that I’ll definitely make again!


Recipe / Recept

Cake / Kaka

2 eggs / 2 Àgg

0.8 cups of sugar / 2 dl socker

0.8 cups of flour / 2 dl mjöl

a little more than 3 ounces of butter / lite mer Àn 90 g smör

1 tsp of lemon zest / 1 tsk citronskal

0.5 tsp of vanilla extract / 0.5 tsk vaniljsocker 

Peaches / persikor

Crumbs / Smuldeg

3.5 ounces of butter / 100 g smör

0.4 cups of oats / 1 dl havregryn

2 tbsp of sugar / 2 msk socker

1 tsp of cardamom / 1 tsk kardemumma

0.2 cups of flour / 1 dl mjöl 

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. / SÀtt ugnen pÄ 175 grader.

2. Butter a springform. / Smöra och bröa en spring form.

3. Mix all the ingredients for the cake. / Blanda alla ingredienser till kakan.

4. In a food processor, mix together the crumbs. / I en mixer, mixa ihop smuldegen.

5. Put the cake batter in the bottom. / HĂ€ll i smeten i formen.

6. Cut the peaches in slices. / Skiva persikorna.

7. Add the peaches on top of the batter. / LÀgg persikorna pÄ toppen av smeten.

8. Distribute the crumbs. / Fördela smuldegen.

9. Bake in the oven for about 25 min, or until a little golden on top. / GrÀdda i ca 25 min, eller tills den blivit lite gyllene pÄ toppen.

10. Let cool, serve with whipped cream. / LÄt svalna, servera med vispad grÀdde.

11. Done! / Klart!



Cardamom Cake – Kardemumma Kaka


There’s finally some spring in DC, which makes me so happy. Even though I’m used to long winters, there’s nothing better than when the air smells like spring for the first time of the year. When I got flowers, they were all light and pastell colored, and. The tulips were for once not super expensive. This inspired me to bake a cake that tastes the same way, light and fluffy, sweet and delicious. This cake is not to sweet though and perfect to enjoy with coffee or tea. It’s really easy to make, and the cake for a cardamom lover. It’s not like a spongecake, but more like a bread in it’s texture. The outside is crispy, and almost the best part. Nonetheless, it’s easy to make and a true crowd pleaser.


Äntligen finns det lite vĂ„rkĂ€nsla i DC, vilket Ă€r sĂ„ himla hĂ€rligt! Även fast jag Ă€r van vid lĂ„nga vintrar, finns det inget bĂ€ttre Ă€n den första dagen luften verkligen luktar vĂ„r. NĂ€r jag köpte blommor i mataffĂ€ren var allt ljust och pastellfĂ€rgat. Och, tuplanerna var för första gĂ„ngen pĂ„ superlĂ€nge inte superdyra. Allt detta inspirerade mig till att baka en kaka med samma kĂ€nsla, lĂ€tt och fluffig, söt och god. Denna kaka Ă€r dĂ€remot inte för söt, utan perfekt till kaffe eller te. LĂ€tt att baka och en kaka för varje kardemumma Ă€lskare. Den liknar en sockerkaka, men har mer konsistensen av ett “bröd”. Utsidan Ă€r lite frasig, och nĂ€stan det bĂ€sta med hela kakan. NĂ„got som alla kan tycka om!


Recipe / Recept

7 tbsp of butter / 100 g smör 

1.4 cups of sugar / 3 dl socker 

1 egg / 1 Àgg

2 cups of flour / 5 dl mjöl

2 tsp of baking powder / 2 tsk bakpulver 

1 cup of milk / 2.5 dl mjölk

1 tbsp cardamom / 1 msk kardemumma 

Sprinkles / PÀrlsocker 

1. Preheat the oven to 340. / SÀtt ugnen pÄ 175 grader.

2. Spray a spring form with non-stick spray. / Smöra och bröa en form med löstagbara kanter.

3. Mix butter and sugar. / Vispa smör och socker.

4. Add the egg. / TillsÀtt Àgg.

5. Add half the flour, half the baking powder and half the milk. Mix well. / TillsÀtt hÀlften av mjölet, bakpulvret och mjölken. Blanda.

6. Add the other halves. / TillsÀtt resten.

7. Add the cardamom. Sprinkle with sprinkles. / TillsÀtt kardemumma. Strö över strösocker.

8. Bake for about 40-45 min. / GrÀdda i 40-45 min.

9. Done! / Klart!