Shrimp & Shiitake Dumplings – Dumplings med Räkor och Shiitake fyllning


Yesterday it was time for dumplings again, and I must say that it went much better than my previous attempts (here and here). These dumplings were made with two different fillings, Shiitake mushroom, garlic and scallion, and shrimp, scallions and peanuts. I steamed these in two ways, some of them in a real steamer (easiest) the other one’s I put on a spatula and held it over boiling water with a lid on… Both ways worked, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a steamer :). The past times I’ve made dumplings I’ve made them as small bags, but this time I folded the dough across, into a triangle, and then folded the other corners in and tightened, so that they became squares (you can see what they looked like from the pictures). All in all a very successful dinner.

Recipe / Recept 

Dumpling dough (got mine at whole foods) / Dumpling deg (kan tänka mig att det finns på asiatiska matvarubutiker) 

Shiitake filling / Shiitake fyllning

5 shiitake mushrooms / 5 shiitake svampar

6 baby scallions / 6 bebis salladslökar 

2 cloves of garlic / 2 vitlöksklyftor

1 tbsp of soy / 1 msk soya 

Shrimp & Peanut filling / Fyllning med Räkor och Jordnötter

about 0.8 ounces of shrimp / ca 400 g räkor

6 baby scallions / 6 bebis salladslökar 

1 tsp of peanut butter / 1 tsk jordnötssmör 

1 tsp of hoisin sauce / 1 tsk hoisinsås

about 2 tbsp of chopped peanuts / ca 2 msk hackade jordnötter

1. Start by cutting the mushrooms and scallions into small pieces. / Börja med att hacka svamparna och lökarna i små bitar.

2. Heat a frying pan, sauté the mushrooms, scallions and crushed garlic. Add soy. / Hetta upp en stekpanna, stek svamp, lök, och pressad vitlök. Lägg i soya.

4. Set filling one aside. / Ställ den första fyllningen åt sidan.

5. Cut the shrimp and scallions into small pieces. / Hacka räkor och lök.

6. Sauté together with peanut butter and hoisin sauce, add the chopped peanuts at the end. / Stek tillsammans med jordnötssmör och hoisinsås, lägg i de hackade jordnötterna på slutet.

7. Fold the dumplings by adding about a teaspoon of filling in the middle, watering the edges and then folding across into a triangle, holding the top tight and then folding in the corners to the middle, creating a square. / Vik ihop dumplings genom att lägga ca 1 tsk fyllning i mitten, blöt kanterna med vatten. Sedan viker du degen rakt över så att du får en triangel, håll i toppen och vik in kanterna till en kvadrat och täpp till kanterna.

8. Steam the dumplings for about 3 min. / Ånga i ca 3 min.

9. Done! / Klart!



Bernte’s Shrimp Pasta (w. Homemade Fish stock) – Bernte’s Räkpasta (med Hemgjord Fiskbuljong)


My brother’s girlfriend has a dad (Bernte) who is a wonderful cook. For over a year, I’ve been hearing about this shrimp pasta that he made, and how absolutely wonderful it was. The second time my brother arrived from their country house, the pasta had been served again. Bernte was kind enough to share his special recipe – that I’m now sharing with you! Please don’t be intimidated by the ingredients or the time! It’s easy, and you will love it. How cool isn’t it to be able to say that you made your own fish stock?  So here comes this special recipe – I hope you will try it too. And than you, Bernte, for letting me use your recipe.

Recipe/ Recept 

2-3 pounds of shrimp / 1-1.5 kg räkor

1 yellow onion / 1 stor gul lök 

2 carrots / 2 morötter

2 sticks of selleri / 2 stjälkar selleri 

4 garlic cloves / 4 vitlöksklyftor 

2.5 tbsp tomato purée / 2.5 msk tomatpuré

0.8 cups of white whine / 2 dl vitt vin 

vatten / water

salt / salt

1.3 cups of cream / 3 dl grädde

pasta / pasta

parsley / persilja 

parmesan / parmesan

1. Start by peeling the shrimp. Save the peel. / Börja med att skala räkorna. Spara skalet.

2. Chop all the vegetables. / Hacka alla grönsaker.

3. Fry the vegetables in olive oil until softened. / Stek grönsakerna i olivolja tills de mjuknat.

4. Add in the tomato purée. / Lägg i tomatpurén.

5. Add in the shrimp peel, keep stirring. / Lägg i räkskalen, rör om hela tiden.

6. Keep stirring for about 7 min. / Fortsätt röra runt i ca 7 min.

7. Add in the wine. / Lägg i vinet.

8. Cover up with water. / Täck med vatten.

9. Let simmer for 30 min, without lid. / Låt puttra i 30 min, utan lock.

10. Strain away the peel and vegetables through a fine strainer. / Sila bort skal och grönsaker genom en fin sil.

11. Reduce further until about 1.5 cup remains. / Reducera ytterligare tills drygt 3 dl kvarstår.

12. Add in salt. / Lägg i salt.

13. Add the cream and let simmer until creamy. / Lägg i grädden och låt puttra tills såsen blivit krämig.

14. Mix with the pasta. / Blanda med pastan.

15. Serve with the shrimp, parsley, and lots of parmesan. / Servera med räkor, persilja och massor av parmesan.

16. Done! / Klart!






Asian Fusion Glass Noodle & Shrimp Salad – Asian Fusion Glasnudel & Räksallad


Here comes a recipe you can’t go wrong with. It’s perfect for hot summer nights, as well as a cold lunch. I’ve started to absolutely love glass noodles over the past year. In general when I cook, I usually just use what I come across. Sometimes, I of course plan it all out, but most of the times the recipes are half planned and half made up in the heat of the moment, and I think that’s one of the best parts about cooking. I cooked this dish on a friday night together with my brother and his girlfriend Alexandra. I’m kind of a control freak in the kitchen, yet I love having company when cooking (kind of paradox, I know), but this actually turned out to be a great dinner. I hope you can try something like it too!

Recipe (4-5 people) / Recept (4-5 personer)

2 packets of glass noodles / 2 paket glasnudlar

1 mango / 1 mango

1 avocado / 1 avocado

1 cucumber / 1 gurka

1/2 red onion / 1/2 rödlök

1 packet of pea pods / 1 packet ärtskidor

fresh cilantro / färsk koriander 

fresh mint / färsk mynta

about 2 tbsp olive oil / ca 2 msk olivolja 

about 2 tbsp susaki sauce / ca 2 msk susakisås

about 1 tbsp of soy sauce / ca 1 msk soya

salt / salt 

Shrimp / Räkor

Peanuts / Jordnötter

1. Start by cooking the noodles. When they are done, flush them in cold water. / Börja med att tillaga nudlarna, när de är klara kan du spola i kallt vatten.

2. Chop cilantro and mint. / Hacka mynta och koriander.

3. Mix the herbs with olive oil, susaki and soy sauce. / Blanda kryddorna med olivolja, susaki och soya.

4. Chop all the vegetables. / Skär alla grönsaker.

5. Mix the vegetables with the noodles and the sauce. / Blanda grönsakerna med nudlarna och såsen.

6. Mix in the shrimp. / Blanda i räkorna.

7. Garnish with peanuts. / Garnera med jordnötter.

8. Done! / Klart!



Pasta med Räkor & Spenat – Pasta with Shrimp and Spinach


Pasta! Min bror som egentligen inte bor hemma är vegetarian, och då försvinner ju både kyckling och köttfärs, som kanske är det man vanligtvis äter till pasta. Räkorna och spenaten fräser du på medan pastan kokar. Idag valde vi Penne, men vilken pasta som helst skulle passa. / Pasta! My brother, who usually don’t live at home is a vegetarian. This means that both ground beef and chicken is eliminated when cooking, obviously. The shrimp and spinach is sautéed during the time the pasta is cooking. We chose penne to go with it today, but any kind of pasta would work as well.

Recept (2 stora portioner)/ Recipe (2 big portions)

Pasta / Pasta

ca 10 körsbärstomater / about 10 cocktail tomatoes

Ärtskidor / Pea pods

2 vitlöksklyftor / 2 garlic cleaves

1/2 chili / 1/2 chili

2 msk olivolja / 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Färsk spenat / Fresh Spinach

ca 200 g räkor / about 3.5 ounces of shrimp

Parmesan ost / Parmesan cheese

1. Koka upp pasta vatten. Ta ut kärnorna ur chilin, hacka. Hetta upp en stekpanna med olivolja. / Boil the water for the pasta. Remove the seeds from the chili fruit, chop it. Warm up a saute pan with olive oil.

2. Lägg i chilin i stekpannan och pressa ner vitlöksklyftorna. Lägg i pastan när vattnet kokar. / Add the chili and squeeze the garlic. Put the pasta in the water when the water is boiling.

3. Skär tomaterna och ärtskidorna i mindre bitar, lägg i stekpannan och lägg i önskad mängd spenat. Tillsätt räkorna sist, dom ska bara bli varma Toppa med parmesan ost.. / Cut the tomatoes and the pea pods into smaller pieces. Add as much spinach as you like. At last, add the shrimp. Garnish with parmesan cheese.

4. Klart! / Finished!

IMG_1849 IMG_1851