Chicken, Mint & Sriracha Meatballs w. Delicious Pasta- Kyckling, Mynta & Sriracha Köttbullar med Underbar Pasta


Traditional Swedish Meatballs are hard to beat, although, meatballs can be (IS for sure) so much more than what you normally buy at IKEA. It’s an easy dish to elaborate with, and the combinations are endless. The other week I felt an urge for some mint (I mean I do almost everyday, but still). I decided to experiment a little with ground chicken, and I must say that the result was amazingly delicious. A must try! To go with it I made a pasta with vegetables and spinach. All for a perfect hearty yet interesting weekday meal.

Recipe / Recept

Chicken Meatballs / Kycklingköttbullar 

15-16 ounces of ground chicken / 450-500 g kycklingfärs

1 cup of water / 2.5 dl vatten

1 stock cube / 1 buljongtärning

0.4 cups of bread crumbs / 1 dl ströbröd

1 egg / 1 ägg

about 15 mint leaves / ca 15 myntablad 

1-2 tbsp of sriracha / 1-2 msk sriracha 

salt / salt 

Pasta / Pasta 

Pasta / Pasta

peapods / ärtskidor 

green peas / gröna ärtor

tomato / tomat

2 tbsp of sour cream / 2 msk creme fraiche 

2 tbsp of half and half / 2 msk röd mjölk 

salt / salt 


Lots of fresh spinach / Mycket färsk spenat

1. Start with the meatballs. Boil the water with the stock cube. / Börja med köttbullarna. Koka upp vatten med buljongtärning.

2. Pour the water over the breadcrumbs. Let swell. / Häll vattnet över ströbrödet och låt svälla.

3. Mix in the ground chicken, chopped mint, egg, salt and sriracha. / Blanda i kycklingen, hackad mynta, ägg, salt och sriracha.

4. Form meatball. / Rulla köttbullar.

5. Cook in butter until golden. / Stek i smör tills gyllene.

6. Bring water to boil for the pasta. / Koka upp pasta vatten.

7. Chop tomatoes and pea pods. / Hacka tomater och ärtskidor.

9. Cook until soft. / Stek tills mjuka.

10. Add green peas, cream and salt. / Lägg i mjölk, creme fraiche, ärtor och salt.

11. Mix in with the pasta. / Blanda med pastan.

12. Mix in fresh spinach. / Blanda i färsk spenat.

13. Done! / Klart!


Easy Quinoa Salad w. Sriracha & Lime Dressing – Lätt Quinoa Sallad med Sriracha & Lime Dressing


This recipe is quick, vegetarian, a little spicy and yet delicious! Plate is as usual made by my talented mom Helena Bonnier.

Recipe / Recept

4 servings of Quinoa / 4 portioner Quinoa 

Broccoli / Broccoli 

Tomato / Tomat 

Avocado / Avokado 

Spinach / Spenat 

Feta cheese / Fetaost 

Dressing / Dressing 

2 parts of olive oil / 2 delar olivolja 

1 part soy sauce / 1 del soya 

1 tsp of lime / 1 tsk lime 

fresh cilantro / färsk koriander

sriracha after taste / sriracha efter smak 

1. Start by boiling the Quinoa and broccoli. / Börja med att koka Quinoan och Broccolin.

2. Mix all the ingredients to the dressing. / Blanda alla ingredienser till dressingen.

3. Mix the sallad. / Blanda salladen.

4. Pour over the dressing. / Häll över dressingen.

5. Top off with some feta cheese. / Toppa med fetaost.

6. Done! / Klart!