Snack Hacks: Watermelon Slushie


This drink is perfect for a hot summer day! It’s sweet and cooling, with no added sugar. Depending on how long you freeze the watermelon, you might want to add in some water in the blender so the melon doesn’t get stuck on the sides (P.S… Easily spiked, as well).

Recipe / Recept 
Quarter of a watermelon / En fjärdedels vattenmelon 
1 lime / 1 lime 
mint / mynta 
1. Cut the watermelon in pieces and freeze for at least 4 hours. / Skär vattenmelonen i bitar och frys minst 4 timmar.
2. Put in a food processor and squeeze over lime. / Lägg i en mixer och pressa över lime.
3. Blend until smooth. / Mixa tills den fått en len konsistens.
4. Pour into glasses and top with mint. / Häll upp i glas och toppa med mint.
5. Enjoy!

Garam Masala Yoghurt Marinated Chicken with Watermelon Salad – Garam Masala Yoghurt Marinerad Kyckling med Vattenmelon Sallad


I don’t even remember where this recipe originally came from – but we’ve made it at home over the past years, and I don’t use a recipe anymore, just mix the marinade together. It’s a quite spicy taste, and for me, growing up with quite Scandinavian flavors, the idea of marinating chicken in yoghurt never struck me! Although, this is so amazingly delicious, and the yoghurt makes the chicken super moist. The watermelon salad is just watermelon and cucumber – but I love serving it in the half watermelon – it just makes it look so much better, even though it’s super easy. Optional to add halloumi cheese  on the side – but highly recommended 🙂

Recipe (about 4 servings) / Recept (för ca 4 personer)

1 pound of boneless chicken thighs / 500 g kyckling lårfilé

2 cups of greek yoghurt / 5 dl yoghurt 

1 small package of garam masala spice / 1 paket garam masala krydda

1/2 watermelon / 1/2 vattenmelon

2 cucumbers / 2 gurkor 

1.Start by mixing the garam masala with the yoghurt. / Börja med att blanda kryddan med yoghurten.

2. Clean up the chicken and add to the marinade. / Skär bort lite av fettet från kyckligen och blanda med marinaden.

3. Let marinade for at least 2 hours for best result. / Marinera kycklingen i minst 2 timmar för bästa resultat.

4. Scoop out the watermelon and cut small cubes and mix with small cubes of cucumber. / Karva ur vattenmelonen och skär små kuber, blanda med små gurkkuber.

5. The chicken is absolute best cooked on the grill, but a normal frying pan is fine! / Kycklingen är absolut godast på grillen, men funkar lika bra stekt.

6. Serve all together! / Servera allt tillsammans!

7. Done! / Klart!


Cooling Watermelon Mango Slush – Vattenmelon & Mango Slush


In Sweden we’ve been enjoying a fantastic month of July. The weather’s been amazing, and there’s no doubt this summer will be remembered as hot and sunny. In the heat, anything cold is delicious, and anything hot is a no-go. For me, this especially holds true in the mornings. Why? Because I hate sleeping in the heat and waking up warm. Therefore, I’ve been elaborating with breakfasts that can cool me down, and this slush is one of them. Of course, it would be delicious as a snack och dessert too.


Recipe / Recept

2 cups of frozen watermelon / 5 dl frusen vattenmelon

1 banana / 1 banan

1 mango / 1 mango

lime juice / lime saft

1. Blend everything together. / Mixa allt tillsammans.

2. Serve immediately. / Servera direkt.

3. Done! / Klart!


Röd Sommarsallad – Red Summer Sallad


Denna sallad är perfekt fräsch till sommaren och passar till allt. Fetaosten värmer man med lite kryddor vilket gör den krämig och god – jag har nämligen fobi för hård kall ost som är skuren i bitar, då det påminner mig för mycket om skolmat från när man var liten. Melonen gör den söt, grapefrukten gör den syrlig och lite besk, gurkan gör den krispig och osten och löken kompletterar.. Så gott! / This sallad is perfect for the summer and goes with anything. The feta cheese is warmed with herbs which makes it creamy. I got a fobia for hard, cold cheese cut in cubes, since it reminds me too much of dining hall food from my childhood. The melon makes the sallad sweet, the grapefruit contributes with it’s sour and bitterness, the cucumber makes it crispy. The cheese and the onion completes the sallad… Mmmm…!

Recept / Recipe

1/4 vattenmelon / 1/4 watermelon

1 rödlök / 1 red/ purple onion

1/2 gurka / 1/2 cucumber

1 grapefruit / 1 grapefruit

1 fetaost / 125 g of feta cheese

kryddor / herbs

oilvolja / olive oil

1. Skär allt utom fetaosten i små bitar. / Cut everything except the feta cheese in small pieces.

2. Lägg på kryddor som du tycker om på osten och värm i micron tills den är lite smält. / Put herbs on top of the feta cheese and heat in the microwave until it’s slightly melted.

3. Skär i bitar och blanda med resten av salladen, blanda med lite olivolja. / Cut the cheese in pieces and mix with the rest of the sallad. Add olive oil.

4. Klart! / Done!

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