Swedish FALUKORV with Mashed Potatoes – Gratinerad Falukorv med Potatismos


Ok, I’ve been pondering whether or not to post this recipe, mostly because Falukorv is unavailable in the US (it really is, I’ve tried so hard). Although, since this is my foodblog, I feel an urge to post this recipe because Falukorv is one of the very few things I can really crave when I’m not at home. It’s been one of my favorite dishes since I was a child (it’s not only one dish but multiple dishes you can make of it…). Falukorv is a Swedish sausage that comes from the north of Sweden that is half smoked, and I know many people compare it with the German Bologna sausage (don’t personally think it’s comparable, but, you know…). This dish I made when one of my closest friends Anna Meh came and visited Sweden, to let her experience a piece of my childhood. I was very impressed that she dared to try it, and liked it, since I’m not a fan of sausage in other countries. Nonetheless, here’s the recipe – if you ever get a chance to try… It’s amazing :).

Recipe / Recept

1 Falukorv / 1 Falukorv 

Big tomatoes / Stora tomater 

mustard of choice / valfri senap

cheese of choice (sharp cheddar is great) / valfri ost (stark cheddar är supergott) 

Mashed Potatoes / Potatismos 

potatoes / potatis 

milk / mjölk 

butter / smör

salt / salt 

white pepper / vitpeppar 


1.Preheat the oven to 400F. / Sätt ungen på 200 grader.

2. Slice the tomatoes thinly. / Skär tomaten i tunna skivor.

3. Make cuts in the sausage. / Skär skåror i korven.

4. Fill the sausage with tomatoes and mustard. / Fyll korven med tomater och senap.

5. Place slices of cheese on top. / Lägg på skivor med ost.

6. Bake for about 30 min. / Grädda i ca 30 min.

7. Boil the potatoes. / Koka potatisen.

8. Mash it with milk, butter, white pepper and salt after taste. / Mosa med mjölk, smör, vitpeppar och salt efter smak.

9. Done! / Klart!


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